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emu sp1200 instructional dvd


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PDF Manuals: SP1200

Here is the SP1200 manual as a PDF file The first time I saw an SP1200 I was an intern for a rap engineer calledPaul C, I learned a lot from working with him. He was working with a group called ULTRA MAGNETIC. Paul took samples from records, LP's and 45's, he'd loop a section of a song, then he sampled the kick and a snare drum after that he played a beat that gave the loop a hip hop feel. After about 10 minutes of playback they decided to change the snare Paul pulled out a 3.5 disk put it in the disk drive and loaded about 5 snares. The sound the SP1200 produced gave each sample more bite, power, and sometimes a cool tonal ring. What made this machine so hip was you were able to have more of a choice of drum sounds with tuning. So I traded-in some equipment and brought one. I spent about 5hrs a day for about two weeks, while interning I watched the other engineers on the SP1200, then I mastered it that was the first machine I mastered and it was so much fun, I quit my job cause I found a better one, those were the days the beginning of hip hop. This DVD will give you all the secrets you need to make phatt beats and grooves.

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 EMU Sp1200 Specifications
• Type: Sampler/ Drum-machine/
• Synthesis Type: 12-bit linear sampling with 10 seconds in 4 2.5 MB of ROM
• Polyphony:
◦ Max: 8
◦ Typical in use: 8
• Multi-timbral (number of parts): 1
• Controllers :
• Drum Section :
◦ Number of Drum Kits : Endless...
◦ Number of Drum sounds : Endless....
• Keyboard :
◦ Number of Keys : 8 Pads!
◦ Can send on simultaneous MIDI channels
◦ Responds to :
◦ Sounds can be split by :
• Memory :
◦ Patches : 32
◦ Performances :
• Inputs and Outputs :
◦ Number of Audio Outs (excluding Phones) : 10
◦ Number of Audio Ins : 1
◦ Number of MIDI Outs (excluding Thru) : 1
◦ Number of MIDI Ins : 1

 Memory :    
Standard : 256Kb mb    
Maximum : 256Kb mb
 Sampling Rates :
Minimum : 22kHz 12 bits    
Maximum : 22kHz 12 bits

  Features :
 Other Features: Sample a 909 kick and tune it down, sounds excellent.

 Memory :
Number of Notes :N/A
Number of Patterns : 100
Number of songs : 100
 Cool features :
Floppy Disk drive, groove quantize...

More Facts

1987 1990 1993 1998
SP-1200 Original Reissued (Black Version) Final batch of SP-
Launched SP-1200 discontinued w/updated electronics to meet 1200s produced
(Partly due to limited regulatory standards
Availability of SSM

•Grimy 12 bit sound that CANNOT be achieved by sample rate
•Hands on feel (Sliders can be used for mixing, tuning and editing
•Flexible sequencing and input quantization
•Limited sample time-forces you to be creative
•8 mono outputs for mixing flexibility
•Very pricy (still)
•Limited sample time forces you to need additional gear for some
•Discontinued and thus parts and repair options are limited
Pioneers and Masters: Pete Rock, The Bomb Squad, Large Professor,
DJ Muggs, Marley Marl, Da BeatMinerz, Lord Finesse, Pharaoh Monch
(Organized Konfusion), etc.
Hear it in Action: Pete Rock & CL Smooth “Mecca & The Soul Brother”
(1992), Cypress Hill “Cypress Hill” (1991), Public enemy “It takes
a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (1988), Organized Konfusion
“Extinction Agenda” (1994), etc.
Fun Facts:
•The SP-1200 was the first sampling drum machine with integrated
floppy. This encouraged use of it as a portable studio.
•The longest run product in Emu history
•One of the first drum machines to utilize smpte synchronization
Summary of Specifications
Sample Memory
10 seconds at 26,040 Hz in four 2.5-second blocks (12-
bit linear resolution)
SSM Analog Filters
Sequence capacity
5000 notes minimum (depending on density of parts)
Patterns (referred to in the manual as “segments”)
Songs 100
Tempo Range 40-240 BPM
Auto correct with values of: 8th note, 8th triplet,
16th note, 16th Triplet, 32nd note, 32nd triplet and
high resolution mode
Mono mix Individual channels, (eight, programmable.
tip = unfiltered. ring - filtered). MIDI out. MIDI thru,
SMPTE, Metronome/Clock
Sample, MIDI, SMPTE/Sync, Footswitches (3)
MIDI, SMPTE, 24 pqn clock
Data and Sound Storage
3.5” floppy diskette
Optional accessories
Additional sound library diskettes, footswitches